Your day is finally here!! I am definitely excited for you. 🙂 Your wedding day is one that you will never forget and I just know it is going to be extraordinary. With all the time I have spent around wedding parties being a photographer I have thought of 10 wedding day tips that I think helps any bride and groom on the big day. I can’t wait to capture those breathtaking moments for you on your wedding day and I hope these tips and tricks help. 🙂

1. Delegate

Give someone responsible in the wedding party (who is not the bride!) a list of all the vendors who are coming for the day. If the bride is concerned about something or something needs handled the designated person can communicate with the vendor. This takes stress off the bride and allows her to enjoy her wedding day!

2. Take Dinner To Go

Have your caterer make a couple of to go boxes for you. You can eat them after your reception or take them with you for your first dinner on your honeymoon. This helps guarantee you get to eat that delicious food. (If you don’t have a caterer ask someone you trust to pick up some food for you and leave it in your car so you have something to eat after all the festivities. You will be hungry after such a long day!)

3. Have an Emergency Kit

This can save your wedding. (I have a whole blog post on this explaining what it is and what to pack in it. Go check it out!)

4. Be In the Moment

Take a moment alone together. This may sound simple but if you don’t plan for it it will not happen. There is always something else to do on your wedding day! Remember that the reason for this special day is because of your special someone. 🙂 Take time to be alone and cherish the day together. 

5. All the Water

Drink water. Another one that sounds simple but will make the biggest difference! Staying hydrated helps you keep up with the day and keeps things like headaches at bay. 

6. Have a Getaway Outfit

Bring a comfy dress to change into after the festivities. This will help you keep your wedding dress nice and let’s be honest, sitting in a car in a wedding dress is not very fun! This is also good because you can get help out of the big dress from someone who knows how to help, especially if you have a corset style in the back. :). 

7. Plan a Cleanup Crew

Make sure to have a set up and take down crew at the ready. Believe me, you do not want to be worried about this on the day of. It is as simple as asking for volunteers before the big day. This is also something you can easily give to the maid of honor or best man to have done. Even if you have an event coordinator someone needs to grab your gifts and decorations.

8. Ignore Your Phone

Stay away from your phone during the day. If you need to give it to your maid of honor so she can check for any important messages. This will help you soak in every moment and spend the time you need with your new spouse and all those celebrating with you.

9. Eat Breakfast

Eat a good breakfast. Even if you are nervous in the morning don’t skip out on the most important meal of the day. This is a great way to set yourself up for an awesome day. I am a huge fan of smoothies. They are light, easy and nutritious.

10. Dress Comfy

Wear a button up shirt while you do your makeup and hair. This takes the stress off of getting that gorgeous dress dirty in any way or of messing up your hair and makeup. Just unbutton the shirt and slip into the dress after you are all done. 

Bonus Tip

 Make a list of things your handsome groom needs to do the day of. We all know that men forget things easily and this will help you feel a little more stress free for the day. 🙂

I hope these 10 wedding day tips help you plan your wedding!


10 Wedding Day Tips

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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for your enjoyment. I love sharing all the tips I know to make your wedding easier. I hope you enjoy these!

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